Magnet Repair Instructions

We highly encourage you to repair it yourself at home as it is far less of an inconvenience for you as you do not need to spend the time to set up shipping /  print out a shipping label as well as package the heart up & await for it to arrive to us and await for it to return to you.  It is also far less time consuming as well as costly both for you, for us, and on less hard on the environment.

However, if your magnet has detached from your glowing heart, you have 2 options to get it fixed:

1) Repair it yourself using a repair adhesive that we will ship to your home free of charge.

2) Send it to us we will repair it for you and send it back to you.  If your heart is within the 1-year warranty period, we will cover the cost of you shipping it to us as well as the return shipping.  However if the heart is outside of the 1-year warranty period you will be required to pay for the shipping to us and we will pay for the shipping back to you.


  • Read the full below instructions before starting.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at or use the live chat during regular business hours. 9 - 5PM Mon-Fri EST.
  • The adhesive that we have thoroughly tested and can confirm will hold a strong bond for many years to come is the 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 4200.  It is likely available locally where you live, for example:
    Canadian Tire
    Many marine supply stores will also carry it as well as paint stores and general hardware stores.
  • If requested we can also mail you a syringe of the product which has enough adhesive in it to repair the magnet on your heart.

    Full details of the product is as follows:
3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 4200            
1-888-3M HELPS (1-888-364-3577)
Safety Data Sheet is available at

  • The glue should be used as soon as possible after being received. In case you are not going to use it in the same day, please keep it refrigerated.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Do not eat, do not inhale.
  • Once you have received the glue, please assemble the following commonly found household items:
    1. a lint-free cloth
    2. paper towel
    3. cardboard or other sturdy disposable surface for excess glue
    4. a toothpick, slim screwdriver, or similar poking device
    5. a small piece of sandpaper – ideally 90-120 grit or equivalent
    6. a place where you can store your heart vertically upside down to dry for 24 hours.
    7. gloves to keep your hands clean while handling the glue

  • Before starting work, allow the heart, magnet, and glue to come to room temperature.
  • Make sure your hands are free of any oil.
  • Use the sandpaper to sand down any remnants of old glue still on the frame of the heart or magnet, leaving a flat, level surface.  The goal here is to create two surfaces (magnet & wood) that are as clean as possible.
  • Using a lint free cloth, clean both the bottom frame you just sanded, and the magnet, with isopropyl alcohol and wait for them to dry completely.
  • Take the syringe containing the adhesive, and remove the plastic cap.
  • Using the piece of paper towel or cardboard as a test surface, firmly and slowly use the plunger on the back of the syringe to push out a dollop of glue. Note: during transportation, the glue may have started to dry inside the syringe, so you may need to push firmly to work out any blockage.  If glue has started to dry in the nozzle of the syringe, please use the toothpick to remove it.
  • Apply a small quantity of glue in the centre of the base of the heart, a circle approximately 3mm wide.
  • Line up the magnet square to the bottom of the heart base, and press it down slowly and firmly onto the glue. The glue will spread out underneath the magnet, creating a full seal.  There will still be flexibility in the glue if you need to rotate or reposition the magnet after applying pressure.
  • Note: adding more glue will NOT create a stronger bond. You only need a small amount of glue.
  • Replace the cap on the syringe.
  • If desired, you may wipe away any excess glue coming over the sides of the heart frame with a paper towel.  Make sure the exposed surface of the magnet is clean and flat.
  • Put the heart in a vertical position with the magnet facing up, away from metallic objects, and let it dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Dispose of adhesive and syringe in accordance with applicable local regulations.

    Thank you and we hope you enjoy your heart for many more years to come!
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