Maple Leaf - Red

Maple Leaf - Red

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- The Maple Leaf -

This beautifully crafted LED neon Maple Leaf is modelled after the Canadian national symbol! Each Maple Leaf is meticulously hand crafted by our neon sign builders out of natural wood. They are unique art pieces and the small base has been designed to allow your maple leaf to be placed on your window sill facing out towards your neighbours for the world to see, or anywhere you should desire.

We proudly design, engineer and hand assemble all of our wooden LED neon signs in our shop in Mississauga, Canada. 

  • Only drawing 10 watts of power ($0.77 a month running @ 24 hours/day) it allows for constant-on use.
  • Dimensions are 9.5" tall X 8.75" wide without the base.
  • The in-line dimmer that is standard on all of are neon signs is now compatible with a smart dimmer and will turn back on to the previous level set prior to having power turned off to the light.

What is in the Box?

1 X LED Neon Maple Leaf Mounted in Laminated Wood Frame
1 X MossLED Certificate of Authenticity
1 X Steel Base Powder Coated White
1 X Power Supply

Technical Specifications

Neon Maple Leaf Power Specification = 12VDC / 10 Watts


  1.  Maple Leaf User Manual


We are proudly donating a portion of every maple leaf to Environmental Defence Canada. To learn more or to donate to this organization that is working to protect the land we call home please visit their website

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ken N. (Hamilton, ON)
Dimmer switch

On Off dimmer switch does not work.


This is a stunning addition to my living room.


Fantastic glow, colour, and visibility.

Julie C. (London, ON)
Glowing maple leaf

I’m very happy with my new purchase of the maple leaf. It’s the right size for my front window. I like how I can control the brightness of it and turn it off with a click of a button that’s easy to get to. I wish my red heart had those options but I bought the heart when the company had just started to sell them. Overall, very satisfied! 🍁

kerry s. (Vancouver, BC)
Nice Red

The color is great but could be a bit bigger like the large hearts or a circle of white around it for Canada Day.