Replacement Power Supply for Original Hearts / Maple Leafs / Moustaches

Replacement Power Supply for Original Hearts / Maple Leafs / Moustaches

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Designed for use with any of the Original Neon Hearts, Maple Leafs or Moustache!  Lost yours?  Dog ate the cable?  No problem!   Order a replacement power supply and you'll be back up and running in no time.  Our power supply comes with a 2.7 meter (8 foot) long cable to get you to your heart without the use of an extension cable.


12V 24W 2A - White With 2.7 Meter (8 feet) 22 AWG Cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Merrin (Vancouver, BC)
Very happy with the whole idea

Our heart has been shining pretty much 24/7 since we received it as a gift 3 or 4 years ago.
Recently, it flickered and then stopped glowing.
Arron was friendly and efficient in sending out a new power supply, a very affordable solution!
Our heart is back, glowing from our apartment window, sharing some love in our neighbourhood.
I’ve ordered other hearts for gifts, even sending a couple to former EFL students in their home country (I made them sing the Canadian national anthem and couldn’t resist the pun - they love it!) and appreciate the heart and soul of this company.
Thank you, Our Glowing Hearts!

Rick (Victoria, BC)
Very poor power adaptor

The light is attractive and its purpose supports a great cause. And I like products made in Canada. But the power adaptor supplied is of very poor quality AND it is made in China (printed clearly on the adaptor). The first one that was supplied with the original heart lasted only a few months. When the light failed, the company quickly sent out a new power adaptor cord, assuming the power adaptor was at fault. But that did not solve the problem, as the newly-supplied power adaptor NEVER worked! Now I have yet another power adaptor cord and the heart glows once again! But for how long until this latest Made in China power adaptor fails? For the cost of these LED hearts, this company should certainly be providing better quality power adaptors. They clearly understand their unreliability, as their first instinct is to mail you a new power adaptor (even though it might not work at all or for very long).

Lori N. (Scarborough, ON)
Connection wire fixed problem

I’m very happy that this connection piece was all that was needed to get my glowing heart back in action.

Alexis L. (Toronto, ON)
Did the trick!

Got us glowing again after the last one failed after maybe 4 years. Fash shipping,well packaged, decent price. What more could one want?

Pam B. (Toronto, ON)
Replacement cord

From the moment I called explaining my heart did not work I was told it was probably the cord. One was promptly sent and the heart is shining once again