Neon Heart - Yellow
Neon Heart - Yellow
Neon Heart - Yellow
Neon Heart - Yellow
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Neon Heart - Yellow

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- The Yellow Heart -

This beautifully crafted LED neon heart is dedicated to those in our community touched by cancer.  We all have been affected in one way or another by cancer.  Whether currently battling cancer, recovering from cancer, or sadling having lost the war on cancer.  We've designed the heart so that you can give as a gift, or place it in your front window.  Whether you plan on displaying it to spread love to anyone passing by or to have it placed in a meaningful spot in your house we are sure you are going to love the yellow glow this heart gives off as well as the meaning behind it.

Every heart comes with a baseplate and a screw for securely attaching it to the baseplate.  The baseplate provides a sturdy base to place on a window sill. The frame is routered out of 3/4" laminated hardwood, hand sanded, and assembled in Canada.  Each heart is unique and the wood is a natural material.  Each heart is unique and variations should be expected and treasured as a unique element.

Purchase one today!  Only drawing 10 watts of power 
($0.77 a month running @ 24 hours/day) allows for constant-on use.

Dimensions are 12" tall X 10" wide. 
Our neon hearts are hand assembled in our shop in Mississauga & we proudly donate a portion of every yellow heart sale to the Canadian Cancer Society.

What is in the Box

What is in the Box?

1 X LED Neon Heart Mounted in Laminated Wood Frame
1 X MossLED Certificate of Authenticity
1 X Steel Base Powder Coated White
1 X Power Supply 

Technical Specifications

Neon Heart Power Specification = 12VDC / 10 Watts
Cool White Heart is 5500k White Colour Temperature with a CRI over 98.

Wiring Diagram for Hearts


  1.  User Manual (2022 version with In-Line Dimmer)
  2.  User Manual (2020 & 2021 versions with Touch Dimmer / No Dimmer)
  3.  Touch Dimmer User Manual


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Julia R. (Toronto, ON)
Love my 💛

I L💛VE my 💛. It welcomes me when I come home & makes me SO happy. Thank you so much for creating the 💛.

Mary M. (Toronto, ON)

Couldn't love it more than I do!! Craftsmanship is excellent, customer service perfect. Looks good in the day as well as stunning in the evening. (I picked yellow to support cancer as it's hit my family hard)

Steven G. (Toronto, ON)
Happy to express our support

We are very happy with the heart. The colour is so crisp, clear and the light radiates so far. We feel good to show others that we are all in this together and we care. The frame is a solid piece and sturdy and the light cord with the power and dimmer switch works well.
My only negative is that the metal base is maybe too small and not heavy enough to give stability if brushed against.
We feel great seeing that heart and hope others do too.
Who doesn't love😉.

Leeann F. (Tottenham, ON)
Beautiful 😍

I'm so in love. I wish I could have them all!! The yellow was added in memory of my late step mom. She would have loved it. Makes me smile as I drive up my driveway 💛💗 hope it does for passerbys.

J.M. (Toronto, ON)
Just perfect.

I lost my sibling to cancer last year which is why I chose the yellow, and I also wanted to have another nice bright reminder of them. A great way to try and brighten up the neighbourhood for the passerby. Great piece of work.