Michael Garron Hospital Foundation - Neighbourgood

Jeff (our CEO) and his partner, Quincy

Our Glowing Hearts was originally created as a way to save our small business, MossLED.  When the pandemic hit Canada MossLED's core customer base were forced to cease operations.  The film, television, and live entertainment industries were all mandated to shut down.  MossLED and its staff were facing an existential crisis as well and in order to keep our staff employed & our company running, we pivoted our manufacturing to building neon hearts.  We decided that not only was this an opportunity for us to do something different with our capabilities but also to give back to the community in which we live.  Our Glowing Hearts has been so successful that as of the end of September, 2021, we have donated over $70,000 to various charitable organizations and one of those is the Michael Garron Hospital Foundation.  Michael Garron Hospital is home to the neighbourhood that first embraced our neon glowing hearts and is an inspirational, and innovative hospital.  It is also home to Dr. Michael Warner who has been a beacon of wisdom, hope and factual information for all of Canada throughout the pandemic.  Now, Michael Garron Hospital Foundation is promoting news of inspiration and good from the neighbourhood with the hope that it will inspire others to give back to their own community.  We're delighted and thrilled that they have decided to highlight our company and our story with their campaign.  You can read more about it on their website.

Jeffrey Moss holding a Glowing Neon Heart